Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Business , Concept ,How much the rental?

How much is the rental range in Klang City Square.
Maintenance fees : RM1/sqft
Rental? , I guess after empty for almost 7 years , some owner may go for free trial for a period to as low as RM1/sqft may be? There are many lots still at it original state without even acc. blower installed!

Great business concept , small outlet , meant for retails, wholesales, SMI showroom, etc.
There are others building continue coming up in Klang , for huge wholesale, retails and showroom and yet here Klang City Square stand weak and weaker.  There is no attraction ! ? Concepts! Klang need visitors, shoppers , tourist.  Klang resident themselves heading up to Petaling Jaya , Damansara and as far as KL centre for their shopping and weekend outing . How many those from others district come to Klang for their weekend outing ? For eatering , yes agree -some for the famous Bak Ku teh and seafoods.  How many will have Klang in their mind when come to shopping spree or looking up for somethings.  We know what to get in Lowyat, what to get from Berjaya Times Square, what to get from Jalan Pasar, what to get from SS14 , what to Petaling Street, and etc.

So what do we want and can get it in Klang ? Digital market ? Who will invest here, there is no traffic.  There are better attraction as mention in KL, lowyat, ss14 and etc.  I think in order to survive before too late,  Klang City Square need to have a concept that suit it layout . Need a Brand. There are still many options out there. May be a shoes haven, a florist building, a toy's mall, a hobbyist centre , a fishingman mall, a handcraft centre , An export mall - A Made in Malaysia products mall ( promote our Malaysia SMI goods and change our mindset on imports goods are best , making those foreigner our bosses and rich ) , SMI wholesale centre, and many many others.

Just anything that stay in everyone must visit place if needed something special .