Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Klang City Square Not get better?

The city mall have been officially opened for biz since end 2006.  Reaching 5 years old now. Still not get better . With some 500 retails outlet , located at the Port city , logistics hub, warehouses of goods distribution center all around the Klang district, what goes wrong ?  Cheap rental at even a rate of only RM1 per square feet. Still no taker.  Traffics? Have been improved since the new flyover opened. Parking ? More than enough and its FREE!
Could it be shopper habits or Klang Town lack of attraction?  

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VK said...

What less here compare to GM Klang ( wholesales centre) ? GM Klang open much later and rental is many many times more expensive and yet they successfully occupied and enjoying brisk business.